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Friday, August 14, 2009

Violent Revolution!

When there is no longer a moderate center to compromise the irreconcilable differences between opposing forces, the opposing forces will clash.

The irreconcilable differences that exist that will bring a violent revolution to the world, will be the Progressive forces of workers. This force of no longer employed workers, that will be locked out of the system of capitalism will have no alternative but to attempt to change the system of competition for the profit of capitalists, to a system of social cooperation, and instituting a planned economy, so as to satisfy the needs of the entire community.
The elimination of capitalists as a force in the world, will necessitate the establishing of the dictatorship of the working class, so as to insure a classless society and to prevent a counter revolution by the capitalist forces. These forces will naturally attempt to regain capitalist power in the world.

This inevitable clash between the forces that want to go forward toward a dream, of a way the future can be, a future of sharing the abundant material wealth of the planet, according to individual need.

Those that oppose this march toward socialism, and later communism, ... and want to go back into our past and reclaim the dreams of our founding fathers, and the traditions, of our glorious past.
The opposite tendencies inherent in the movement of the political right and left wing, will inevitably bring about a radical change!
The Moderate Centrists that can no longer compromise with the forces that do not want to stand still but move forward or backward, will disappear into the ranks of those that want to move backward into the early stages of capitalism, and those that want to move forward into the ranks of the dispossessed and their struggle for socialism.
With no compromising center to keep everything standing still, ... the revolution will begin!

The conditions for revolution are nowhere close, as of right now!

Obama is a pragmatist and a progressive capitalist! He is not a Socialist or a Communist so all you champions of our glorious past, should be able to sleep well, ... for now!

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