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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Perhape this is the most profound post that had ever been published!              Then again perhaps it is not! ...OH WELL YOU DECIDE!                                            

Every form of "TRIBALISM" separates you from the HUMANITY of being human!......Gang Warfare. is "TRIBALISM" in the HOOD!" ...It harkens back to the primitive instincts of animals as well as humans, "FEARING" the unknown. and fearing and contempt for those that are not exactly like us. and the primitive urge and feeling that it is either "us or them!"... "We must conquer or kill them or they will do it to us!" is their battle cry! ... It is this form of "SEPARATISM" that is the cause of humans dividing themselves from humanity and thus becoming less human! ...

These fearful animal like human creatures mask their fear of the unknown and unfamiliar by declaring themselves as being brave and courageous in their glorious struggle against their many perceived enemies! 

The political "RIGHT WING" of the political spectrum represents this manifestation of human separatism and the "glorification of WAR!" .... They seldom VOLUNTEER to do or die in their glorious battle, but they are courageously willing to encourage others to fight and perhaps die doing battle with those that are... "not exactly like us!" 

"Nationalism" is a form of "TRIBALISM" that separates nations and people in the same way as do all competing groups, that are organized to become winners and not losers. Inside a competitive world that rewards success and penalizes failure, because in a world of scarcity where their is not enough to go around what you have that most others do not, you prestige and status, that your competitors envy and wish that they too, could be as successful and have as much of what is scarce and therefor of what is valuable, as do you! 

Let's face it, about 1% of the world population has formed a "OLIGARCHY" that controls not only our economy, here in the good ol' USA but everywhere in every nation on the planet! Those of you that still think that small business is the engine that runs our economy is living in the past, and has their head screwed on backwards! We are living in a GLOBAL ECONOMY!

The Global Economy signals the end of the "Nation State" and the beginning of the Fascist Global Rule by the largest crony capitalists on the planet that will create a "Planned Economy" that will guarantee the largest rate of profit to the "Global crony capitalists Oligarchy" and they will achieve this high rate of profit by a massive exploitation of workers and consumers.

The control of prices by manipulating supply and demand, will allow our crony corporate masters to artificially create scarcity inside the marketplace so that they can create high prices for artificially scarce and necessary commodities, this predictable manuever will guarantee the highest rate of profit to the crony members of the oligarchy, and will create a massive exploitation of the 99% of the world's population! 

Those that are on the LEFT WING of the political spectrum. that are capable of understanding the anatomy of change, understand or should understand, that every thing that exists will eventually change to the opposite of what formerly existed. History never repeats it's self because all new changes in the basic nature and character of what is new has the elements within it's total structure of maturing and growing by the process of a evolving understanding of negative forces, and what positive forces are necessary so that moving toward the future will always become more relevant, mature and positive than what existed in the no longer relevant and decadent past! 

The global planned economy that will be planned to enrich only a 1% of the world population, will inevetably be changed by the exploited 99% of the world population, to the opposite of a planned economy for and by the 1% of the world population, ... to a planned economy that is planned to enrich the entire world population without discrimination.

Due to the "revolutionary" change in our global technology it has become crystal clear that it has become necessary for the people of the planet EARTH to "cooperate" rather than "compete" for what is necessary to survive and thrive. The planet"s people and it's resources can only be SAVED from obvious extinction by cooperation and global planning.

The advancement of world technology in this our modern age has created the possibility for the first time in human history, of ending forever the condition of material scarcity and human deprivation that existed within the confines of "Tribalism" "Feudalism "Nationalism." and all forms of "Separatism." 

The integration and unity of all cultures and people on the planet will enlarge, enhance and add to the common good of all living things on the planet earth. Our material freedom and individual freedom will no longer be stunted by fear, primitive superstition and religious and National Bigotry," This will be so because IF we advance into the future all "Earth Beings" will naturally become "Social Scientific cooperative Human Beings." Free at last to work together, and also contribute as unique individuals, to advance the human race for the betterment of all human kind on the planet earth. 

It is "HUMAN NATURE" to adapt to necessary change and when the nature of the planet's surroundings change from that of "COMPETITION," under the conditions of scarcity, to "COOPERATION" under the conditions of material abundance, the HUMAN FAMILY will at long last realize it's full potential as human beings! 

All human kind should be looking forward to the coming era in human history when it will be possible to have a world administration of only things and not of people! ,,,,When that happens, people will be truly FREE!

It is the custom of all living things to adapt to necessary change, or forever become extinct!