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Monday, August 31, 2009

Evolution and Conspiracies!

Everything on the planet and in the universe evolves. It is a cause and effect process that is an objective manifestation that is independent of subjective notions of what should and shouldn’t be.
Political and social change is not the result of secret conspiracies by large national and international organizations.
All change is something that occurs because at a particular point in time, due to objective circumstances, situations and conditions, it becomes imperative and necesary that a particular change takes place, a change that is the only possible thing that can happen, because all other options had been exausted.
The “Global Economy” and the “New World Order,” evolved, … and is something that was predictable and was not the result of a world wide secret conspiracy of international bankers and liberal politicians. It evolved because the capitalist system could evolve in no other way.
“Capitalism” has outgrown Nationalism” and the only possible direction that the system of capitalism can move toward so that it could continue to grow, … is toward the system of “Globalism!”

Sunday, August 30, 2009


My far out belief is that the “Nation State” economicaly and in every other way is no longer capable of acting in a rational way so as to be a positive force in the world.
What is needed at this point in time is a “Global Entity” that is interested in furthering not the “National Interests” of what exists on the planet, ….but rather, the global interests, economically and politically without discrimination. All of the basic needs of the environment, and of the people, on this planet should become the recipients of a planned global oriented economy, driven by lndividual need and not by profit.
The world banking system and the United Nations, as it is now organized to assist national capitalist interests are incapable of a world outlook that is necessary to save the world environment and the people within that environment.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Class Warfare!

It does not take a genius to figure out that the workers artists and technicians that produce the technology and all that is valuable in the world will one day wake up to the fact that the owners of the productive forces that exist in the world. have gathered unto them selves, the giant share of the pie called the gross national product.
This exploitation by large corporate entities that selfishly are becoming more corupt and more vulger in the displaying of this stolen treasure, will one day have to face the victims that had the value that they alone had produced by their labor and their technological know how.
This is CLASS WARFARE that one day even republicans will recognize exists in the land of milk and honey!
It appears that the right wing base of the republican party is rapidly becoming not relevant and remains ignorant of what is the reality of the 21st century!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Social Evolution!

The reason all societies and everything that exists evolve eventually to an advanced stage of development than what formerly existed is the fact that life is a learning experience. If you understand science you will know that science has discovered that matter in motion is a interaction between opposite poles and that all forms of matter and all that reflect matter in motion follows a similar path as they evolve. The evidence of the way all things evolve are similar so it should be no surprise that the stage of Feudalism gave birth to capitalism, and it will be followed by the stage of socialism and than a system of communism will evolve out of the system of socialism. It is inevitable! It has been written in the stars and into everything that ever existed. You may not like what the future will bring, but it will happen because it is the only thing that can happen! …IT”S EVOLUTION!
PS. …What will happen in the future will not revolve around your likes or dislikes. The future is an expression of the objective forces in the universe and not an expression of the subjective notion of what should and should not be!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rugged Individualism Not Existing!

“Individual effort” under capitalism was rewarded during the early stages of capitalism! The era of rugged individualism no longer exists except in the eyes of those that are too blind to see. Those that choose to not see clearly is like an infatuated lover that refuses to see that what they are obsessed about has changed from what it was to what it has become.
Capitalism is in our modern era, a global oligarchy that needs to grab world resources on a very large scale so as to stay competitive inside the world market.
Competition has eliminated those that did not have the resources and were not able to acquire the resources that would make them competitive in the arena of large and hungry sharks. Those that are not blind will see that this fierce competition has resulted in a concentration of capital where today 10% of the total amount of people that own for a living own 90% of the worlds wealth, and 1% own half.
We live in an era of capitalism that if you want to survive and be able to compete you must surrender your individuality and become a cog in a giant multi national corporation, cartel or conglomerate. … The small individual enterprises are disappearing along with the mom and pop stores.
The middle class is rapidly disappearing as capitalism enters the stage of “Global corporatism” .. and multi national capitalism.
As a number of workers and former middle class business types are priced out of the market place and out of the system of capitalism they will have no other alternative then to rebel against this oligarchy and put into place a planned economy that will serve the entire world community.

Being Objective and Not Subjective!

The specific circumstances, situation and conditions that happen to prevail at a particular point in time will dictate what is the expedient or necessary thing to do.
To be premature in your actions will result in not enough life support to allow your premature actions to succeed and what you wished to come into being will be stillborn.
Marx said, “I am not a Marxist! I am a STUDENT OF MARXISM!” It should be viewed not as a dogma but as a work in progress!
Those that state that struggle should never take on the character of a dictatorship and should always be seen as democratic and not abusive toward those that are not convinced of the correctness of a particular position. This type of belief is not Marxist because it is a dogmatic approach to class struggle and does not allow the specific objective conditions determine the nature and character of the struggle.
To be objective is to not be subjective.

Predicting Outcome!

What happens will happen because it is the only alternative that is left and compromising that what is about to happen becomes no longer possible. If that is the reality that is being confronted and their is nothing that can be done about it then objectively it can be predicted with 100% accuracy that what happens will be the diametric opposite of what happened!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nothing Lasts Forever!

Nothing on the planet stays the same! Everything changes quantitatively and when it can no longer change quantitatively, the change will become qualitative.
Capitalism has gone through stages of development and like everything that exists everything has a life span and eventually capitalism like everything else that exists will go out of existence and will be replaced by the diametric opposite of what capitalism represents.
Because life is a learning experience, we ultimately learn from our mistakes the opposite that occurs when revolutionary change takes place is an opposite that is not the same as the change what occurred in the past. In other words history does not repeat itself, but progresses, becomes refined, and streamlined, … and like a spiral, moves upward and forward. Eventually history as we know it will go out of existence and a new form of history will come into being.

Defining Political Systems!

The definition of "Fascism" " The dictatorship of the Capitalist Class!"
When the threat of an overthrow of "Capitalism" becomes apparent it becomes necessary to do away with any pretense toward democracy.
"Fascism" signals the end of the right to freedom of speech! Freedom to assembly! The end of civil rights! , Etc. The strict enforcement of "Law and Order"
Nazi philosophy is that part of fascism that is "Racist and bigoted!
"Socialism" is defined by having a nation that is ruled by "The Dictatorship of the Working Class!" This "Proletariat dictatorship was regarded as necessary to keep the former capitalist class from regaining power and overthrowing the dictatorship of the Working Class!"
"Communism" is defined as that which is built on a foundation of socialism.
Under communism you have a planned economy that has created the material conditions of enough abundance to allow the distribution of goods and services to be equally distributed to all of it's citizens without discrimination. "From each according to their ability! "To each according to their need!" Under communism cooperation replaces competition. Under a system of "material cooperative abundance" a new type of human nature will be born out of this type of secure environment. A social scientific being that becomes their own leader and their own follower and does not need a political government or state apparatus to tell them what to do. Consequently the "State Apparatus" withers away and you only have an administration of things, ... not an administration of people.

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Technology!

In a market economy where buying cheap and selling high is the path to riches, it would be advantageous to create artificial scarcity so as to keep prices high so as to reap a large profit when what they purchased is sold at a much higher price then what was paid for the purchase.
Under the conditions of concentrated capital, large corporations can very easily control supply and demand. It would be difficult to do so if new “technology” was created that made it possible to increase the supply to the extent that it would force prices so far down that it would become next to impossible to artificially get the prices to go up.
Those that are in charge of our economic life i believe would discourage new technology that would upset their apple cart by having new technology produce massively inside the marketplace.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Socialism and Beyond!

Communism can only be arrived at after the stage of “socialism” being achieved, and the bringing about the conditions under socialism that will lay the foundation where ultimately there will exist a society that has enough material abundance for everyone in society so that no one need to compete for status or survival.
Under the conditions where competition is replaced by cooperation because the need to compete is no longer necessary and the competing and gathering of material wealth for social status is no longer necessary because material wealth no longer being scarce is no longer regarded as something to compete over.
The “nature of animals and humans change when their circumstances, situation and conditions change. A scarce environment and an abundant environment would cause actions compatible with that environment.
Under the conditions of material abundance where the desire and need is to cooperate, a new type of human being will be born with a opposite type of nature that exists in competitive societies. “A social scientific being” that will be his and her own leader, and follower, where he and she will not need a political apparatus, or any kind of leader, to tell them what to do, or not do.
Under communism the state gradually withers away, and you have an administration of things. Not people!
It is my hope and understanding that only under a socialist type of society that all nations will be able to assimilate into a global village and create a world that will under a planned economy will eliminate conspicuous consumption that will save valuable resources for future generations, and will take care of our world environment so as to protect the earth from extinction.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Nature of Humanity!

Human Nature will change when the conditions that make it necessary to be competitive so as to survive and thrive and have status within a group environment are no longer present.
The desire to cooperate so as to win the approval of friends and neighbors and to be giving rather than be taking will become the social norm in a society that has enough material needs to go around. The insanity of conspicuous consumption will disappear from the face of the earth, it’s scarce resources will be saved for future generations.
When social scientific beings are able to look objectively at the world around them and the world is integrated into one family village having the same human nature of an objective intelligent social scientific nature, you will not need leaders to lead or followers to follow. Everyone will automatically become their own leader and their own follower.

The Labor Theory of Value!

The American Educational System has deliberately kept from the american people, the meaning of the economic theory that puts into perspective and answers that what have confused and stupefied students of economics from the beginning of our system of capitalism to the present time.
“The Labor Theory of Value” is an economic concept that answers concisely and precisely what economics is all about.
This is an economic theory that is so more profound than the economic theories that are being held and expounded on by economists throughout our educational system.
These so called economists have an ax to grind! …So that they can remain secure at their jobs, they refuse to challenge the all mighty system of capitalism. That is why these sell out economists continue to promote these irrational economic theories that are impossible to understand and don’t make sense to anyone!
Far be it for me, to go into detail, on this theory, of the “Labor Theory Of Value!” It could be easily researched by those that are curious, and wish to be enlightened

The Forest and the TREES!

If you work for a living and do not own for a living your interest is furthered by the common struggle of working people everywhere to better their conditions and raise their standard of living so that they and you can get an increasingly larger share of the value that is produced by you and your fellow workers.
It is now possible for advanced technology to produce much more material wealth with less effort than ever before. This technology was produced by working technologists, scientists, and other working professionals. It should belong to those that are the producers of this technology and to those workers that utilize this technology and in so doing benefit and enrich the entire society.
But instead those exploiters that own for a living are calling the shots and as a consequence the 90% concentration of capital and wealth in the USA is in the greedy hands of only 1% of the people. These parasites do not work for a living but instead own for a living.
The people that think that their fate and well being is an individual thing and is not a part of a struggle of groups that have a common interest is sorely mistaken.
If you cannot see the forrest because of the trees, it is because you are short sighted! …I suggest that you climb to the top of the tree so you could see not only the individual trees but also the big picture, and how you as an individual fit into that big picture, … and the scheme of things

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Towns and villages that were inhabited by merchants tradesmen and professional guilds existed within the feudal system, The large feudal land lords dominated the system and agriculture was more powerful than those that lived in the emerging small towns and villages.
In early America it was “King Cotton” and the large agriculture plantations that American power emanated from. The emerging towns and cities took over from the countryside and dominated after the Civil War!
Much of the south it seems can’t get over this transition from a small village type of government rule to a large city, state, federal and world type of governance.
I guess the word that explains this is “Provincialism!”
Class Struggle in america and in the world exists because of the nature of the relationship between the boss and his worker!
The worker by the use of his labor power produces value for his boss. The worker is compensated for his labor by receiving value, in the form of a wage. The value in the form of a wage that the worker receives is only a fraction of the value that the worker produced with his labor. The profit of the boss is the value that the worker did not get for his labor.
Because the worker did not receive the fruit of his and her labor is why you have class struggle for a larger portion of the pie.
Only under the conditions of Communism where the “State withers away” will it be possible to have a society that produces “Social Scientific Individuals” that become their own leader and their own follower! They need not have a government or anyone else lead them. They automatically will do what is best for the world environment and the people living within that environment.
Only under Communism you can have a integrated world environment of material abundance, individual intellectual growth and social scientific huunan beings!


“Class Warfare” exists because of the nature of the relationship that exists between the worker and the employer! The boss pays the worker a wage for the value he produces as a worker at his job. The value the worker produces is much greater than the value he receives in the form of a wage. The profit of the boss is that value what the worker produced and did not receive.
As a class the workers that produced all of the value that exists in society has been robbed of the fruit of his and her labor! (Talk about plunder!) The Rich get richer and the poor get poorer because of this exploitation at the point of production.
If you know about economics you are probably aware of the concentration of capital into the hands of 1% of the population. That’s HIGHWAY ROBBERY! Where 10% of the population own 90% of the nations wealth is scandalous! That is highway robbery and is indicative of the amount of value stolen from workers as a class! Capitalists do not produce value they only accumulate capital by exploiting the labor of workers as a class!
In the final analysis the government will always protect this exploitation of american labor because government is a part of the system of capitalism!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Violent Revolution!

When there is no longer a moderate center to compromise the irreconcilable differences between opposing forces, the opposing forces will clash.

The irreconcilable differences that exist that will bring a violent revolution to the world, will be the Progressive forces of workers. This force of no longer employed workers, that will be locked out of the system of capitalism will have no alternative but to attempt to change the system of competition for the profit of capitalists, to a system of social cooperation, and instituting a planned economy, so as to satisfy the needs of the entire community.
The elimination of capitalists as a force in the world, will necessitate the establishing of the dictatorship of the working class, so as to insure a classless society and to prevent a counter revolution by the capitalist forces. These forces will naturally attempt to regain capitalist power in the world.

This inevitable clash between the forces that want to go forward toward a dream, of a way the future can be, a future of sharing the abundant material wealth of the planet, according to individual need.

Those that oppose this march toward socialism, and later communism, ... and want to go back into our past and reclaim the dreams of our founding fathers, and the traditions, of our glorious past.
The opposite tendencies inherent in the movement of the political right and left wing, will inevitably bring about a radical change!
The Moderate Centrists that can no longer compromise with the forces that do not want to stand still but move forward or backward, will disappear into the ranks of those that want to move backward into the early stages of capitalism, and those that want to move forward into the ranks of the dispossessed and their struggle for socialism.
With no compromising center to keep everything standing still, ... the revolution will begin!

The conditions for revolution are nowhere close, as of right now!

Obama is a pragmatist and a progressive capitalist! He is not a Socialist or a Communist so all you champions of our glorious past, should be able to sleep well, ... for now!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Historical Development!

Capitalism was born out of the ashes of a system called “FEUDALISM” Capitalism was a social advance over feudalism because it freed the serfs and the common man to break away from the landed aristocracy. Those that believed they were lords and blue bloods ordained by God to rule over the earth and and those that they considered less than human than they. They looked down on the mass of people that did not own private property.
The struggle of the common man did not stop with the birth of our nation. There were those at the founding of our nation that did not want to educate in public schools those that were not of the propertied class. These so called gentlemen attempted to keep people without considerable property from voting. During the rise of industrial revolution the working conditions of workers were so bad that in the Lincoln, Douglas debates the argument was made of “what was worse, ” chattel slavery or wage slavery.”
Workers and the common man fought back against against those that regarded themselves as “the privileged class.” They formed labor unions and joined together for political action.
Capitalists from the earliest time of our history to the present time were contemptuous of the general public and our environment. When they had a chance to make a large profit they would shout “FULL SPEED AHEAD AND the public be damned!”
It became apparent that only if the working class, united together and politically struggled together against the abuses of the privileged class would the common worker have a decent life.
The struggle for socialism is a part of that struggle of the common man to end exploitation of man by man.
For over 100 years their has been an effort to put the means of production into the hands of the common man and to share the wealth with the entire community. The prevailing conditions over the years had made this national transformation impossible to succeed. But when the conditions are all in place this revolutionary change will take place because it will be the only possible thing to do.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


What happens will happen because it is the only thing that can happen. No body causes the law of gravity, it is “cause and effect.”
A scientific mind that is not prejudiced by dogma, religious or political, will always see the forest as well as the individual trees. If you can’t see the forest because of the trees you will never see the big picture, as a consequence of being short sighted you will be blind to how the past affects the present and how what happens in the present will affect the future. You will be blind to what is inevitable and what is not inevitable.
Change happens! Traditions become no longer relevant to the changing circumstances, situations and conditions, that happen to prevail at a particular point in time. Change always happens when it is necessary for that change to occur. It is necessary for a starving man to eat food or he will die. It is inevitable!
It is inevitable for socialism to become the next stage of social development. Capitalism has a life span and when it becomes necessary the locked out workers of the system of capitalism will have no alternative but to overthrow the capitalist system, and to bring into being the diametric opposite of the capitalist system. A system that has a planned economy designed to profit without discrimination the entire community.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Meaning of Communism!

I suggest that you go to the source of what is the meaning of communism! I suggest that you read the works of Karl Marx so that you can know about the subject. If you do not research this subject you will continue to make a fool of yourself.
Communism does not exist in the world today or did it exist in the Soviet Union. This fact all communists in the former Soviet Union will attest to.
In the Soviet Union you had Socialism. The conditions for Communism did not exist. The Idea that Lenin and Stalin had was to gradually build the conditions that would cause the withering of the State and the gradual building of a Stateless society,
Capitalism will not last forever. It eventually will no longer serve a useful purpose. The stage of capitalism like all things will eventually turn into it’s opposite. The stage of Socialism will replace Capitalism, and the stage of Socialism will eventually lay the foundation where the stage of communism will come into being.
A classless stateless society where the need for authoritarian rule is not necessary because of the coming into being onto the world stage a new type of human being. A social scientific being that need not to have a political state apparatus force human beings into being social cooperative and a positive influence in the world environment.
Under the conditions of material abundance voluntary cooperation will replace the condition of desperate competition that exists under the conditions of scarcity and capitalism.
The more scarcity of material things that are needed to thrive and survive, the more desperate people will become and the more police and state authority will be needed to establish law and order.
Desperation of citizens is what causes revolution. It also causes state oppression.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Republicans NOT RELEVANT!

It is my opinion that the Republican party and the right wing base of that party is increasingly becoming no longer relevant to the circumstances, situation and conditions that exist in our 21st century world.
Many of the traditions of the past that the “right wing republican base” are attempting to pull into the 21st century are no longer popular or useful to our modern, relatively enlightened world. I am referring to the traditions of racism, unfettered capitalism, and imperialist wars of aggression.
Americans have learned and are continuing to learn from the experience of the past where their best interest is, and who represents that best interest.
Life is a learning experience and I am convinced that the Republican party being no longer relevant will no longer be seen as a major political party and will be dumped into the trash can of our dead past. The signs are there for those that can see.
A new left leaning political party will enter into the mainstream and be one of the major parties within a two party system.
The democrat party will become the new more traditional and relevant conservative party, taking the place of the no longer relevant republican party.
This new political realignment, is, in my opinion, going to happen pretty damn soon!


When you have a communist society you are living under different conditions than you are under capitalism. The future where communism will reside will have a highly developed labor saving technology that will allow the production of enough goods and services that will satisfy the society’s material needs with a very small amount of effort. The labor saving technology will free up the time of unneeded workers to involve themselves in producing for themselves and for society’s enjoyment,… art, music, poetry, literature,etc. Arduous labor will be a thing of the past, The political apparatus will no longer be needed and will disappear. Social scientific individuals aware of people around them will voluntarily do for their community what is right and what is social. You will have an administration of things. Not an administration of people.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dying Breed!

The weak minded right-wing haters of everything different and foreign is a dying breed as the world integrates and becomes more complete and worldly due to science and modern technology, The meaning of this post will be foreign and not understood by the simple minded right wing haters that feel left behind by a world that is way beyond their understanding.
What you are hearing from these right -wing nuts, is nothing intelligent. You are only hearing the "death rattle" of a dying breed.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Evolution is the objective scientific knowledge of change. It has nothing to do with “religious dogma!”
Religion brings forth the result of having “peace of mind” regarding the fact of dying and no longer having consciousness. By believing what religion says is true and a “fact” does not make it an objective fact, it makes it a subjective notion that it is true and not false. Science objectively either “KNOWS” or does not know! ..Science does not BELIEVE. Belief is the absence of knowing that is why religion needs Faith to support belief and erase doubt from your conscienceness.
True science is not concerned about the subjective notions of what exists in your brain. True science is interested in what exists outside of your subjective consciousness. That what exists independent of your consciousness is that what is objectively real and true. It is true because it is verified by verifiable evidence and is not prejudiced by subjective notions of the real world.


Scientists do not “BELIEVE!” True scientists either KNOW or they “DO NOT KNOW!” Belief is the absence of knowledge, that is why religionists have to have faith to support their belief. Science relies only on verifiable evidence and that evidence determines relative to the amount of verifiable evidence that exists, the degree of probability that what was not known is now known.
Scientists that do not have an open mind when approaching a mystery that needs to be resolved is a scientist that is pre-judging and therefor not using the scientific method.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Communism is defined by Marx as a society that is not only classless but is stateless! Communism can only exist under the conditions of material abundance. An abundant society that cooperates instead of competes because competing would not be compatible with a social environment of material abundance.
With the passage of time a new human type would emerge from the material conditions of material well being. That new type of person would be a “social scientific being.” A state apparatus of police, courts and enforcement of laws would no longer be necessary because the need for a state apparatus to enforce social conduct would not need to exist because when individuals that are materially secure and scientifically aware of all of their surroundings will not need a state apparatus to force them or tell them to be social. The powers of a state apparatus would gradually wither away. Communism can only be defined as a society that has eliminated the need of class warfare and political rule from the top down. Every individual will have the freedom to be an individual that is finally free to contribute to his fellow humans as a social scientific human being!

Mob Rule!

"Mob Rule" of communities can only be prevented by "Government Rule" of communities. Weak government rule allows underworld types to intimidate all of society with their terrorist activity,
It is becoming increasingly obvious that democracy can only function by controlling the private economic sectors of our economic life and instituting a planned economy that is designed to satisfy all of the basic needs of all our citizens without prejuidice. Economic Anarchy is not freedom!