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Saturday, August 8, 2009


What happens will happen because it is the only thing that can happen. No body causes the law of gravity, it is “cause and effect.”
A scientific mind that is not prejudiced by dogma, religious or political, will always see the forest as well as the individual trees. If you can’t see the forest because of the trees you will never see the big picture, as a consequence of being short sighted you will be blind to how the past affects the present and how what happens in the present will affect the future. You will be blind to what is inevitable and what is not inevitable.
Change happens! Traditions become no longer relevant to the changing circumstances, situations and conditions, that happen to prevail at a particular point in time. Change always happens when it is necessary for that change to occur. It is necessary for a starving man to eat food or he will die. It is inevitable!
It is inevitable for socialism to become the next stage of social development. Capitalism has a life span and when it becomes necessary the locked out workers of the system of capitalism will have no alternative but to overthrow the capitalist system, and to bring into being the diametric opposite of the capitalist system. A system that has a planned economy designed to profit without discrimination the entire community.

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Anonymous said...

It is only at the brink of imminent death that human civilization will change its' ways. The cause and effect you speak of is also based in scientific terms, such as the butterfly effect. What one person does, really does have an outcome on the world as a whole.