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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Science Rules!

All philosophy is ideology that no longer has relevance in the modern world where SCIENCE RULES!
Philosophy is a outmoded subjective notion of a way to go to live a happy full life.
Science has made philosophy no longer viable in the 21st century!
The scientific method is an objective way of knowing!
Philosophy is a subjective way of believing, just like religion.
With science you can predict outcome by understanding the surrounding objective material conditions that exist in a surrounding environment! To be compatible with that environment can be objectively determined, therefor a subjective philosophy becomes no longer needed or necessary.

Knowledge is the understanding that is acquired by the scientific discovery of factual information. Philosophers may or may not use scientifically discovered factual information when putting together a philosophical concept.
Philosophy is is basically a concept that originates in a philosophers brain.
Scientific concepts originates from discovered provable facts.
Philosophy is subjective, if it was objective it would no longer be philosophy.
It would be science!

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