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Monday, May 19, 2008


It appears to me that the mass of the working class is destined to be replaced by automation and that nationalism and the national interest is rapidly going out of business, and that a global world because of capitalist necessity is rapidly becoming our reality!
If capitalism does not become a global totalitarian system it will die a premature death by stagnation!
The needed drive to maximize their rate of profit at the quickest time possible in order to stay competitive means that their will be an increase in the exploitation of the resources on the planet that will cause the world environment to suffer and the no longer needed workers to suffer, because they will be priced out of the marketplace, and locked out of the capitalist system! The system will produce goods and services to only those that can pay the inflated price for those goods and services!
A global village controlled by unrestrained and uncontrolled global capitalists will rape our planet and future generations and the only way life on this planet can be protected and saved from this gross exploitation is to become conscious of what is happening around us so that the global village can be controlled from the bottom up, rather than from the top down!
Socialism now! Communism later!

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Markk said...

Interesting ramblings, mate. Hope you rope in more readers. Don't mind me calling Richard! Keep rockin'