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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dress Rehearsal for a Fascist Takeover!

The dress rehearsal for a fascist takeover is happening right now, in America!

No one seems aware of what is happening right under their noses. Perhaps they are aware of what is happening , but just don't give a damn.

The same thing happened in Germany under Hitler and the majority of the population stood idly by as the Nazi party rounded up Gypsies for not conforming to the rules of the Third Reich! Their crime was of being different!

After the Gypsies, others in the population that did not fit into the mold designed by the super race was persecuted!

Unquestioned loyalty was expected from the population.
Intellectuals and those that deviated from the strict rules laid down by the super race were arrested ' tortured and killed!

What is happening with regard to people that choose to isolate themselves from society and dare to be different by living a voluntary life style, a style that is not conforming to the ideas or values held by the majority of the population?

What is happening is a gross violation of their and our rights, under the constitution! What is happening is a dress rehearsal for fascism in america!

The population it seems are going along with this undemocratic, bigoted and fascist persecution of entire communities, by the allowing of the taking away of their children from their parents, by the morality police!

If this happened in China all americans would be screaming that it was a cruel violation of human rights!

The evidence of wrong doing with regard to child abuse is nowhere in sight but the authorities can get away with this gross violation of our rights protected by the constitution because of the silence and absence of outrage by the american public!

We are now like the good Germans that allowed the fascists to take over, without a public outcry!

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