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Monday, September 1, 2008

Haters of the Poor!

Republican voters suck up to the super rich because it makes them think that they are in the same class as the 1% of the population that control our economic and political life! ... How unconscious can you be, and still breathe and talk the stupid republican talk of government equals communist control of our lives!

I was under the impression that all those old communist hating and fearing republicans all died of old age and those that are still alive have invested their money heavily in the old Soviet Union and Communist China and have been converted from hate to "Let's do business!

When you look at all of the money and lives that was and is being spent on the Bush so called WAR in Iraq...A war that is bankrupting this nation! ...An obvious fact that the idiot republicans don.t mention, but instead beat the drums for eliminating social programs designed as a safety net, for the poor and those who are about to be poor!
Or as the republican super rich refers to them as the UNDERCLASS!

The way the capitalist economy is moving under the Bush regime, all you republican middle class haters of the poor, should take a second look at the safety net and social programs, that your republican friends want to eliminate!

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